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  1. Z .Jones

    Up Jail Timer

    +1. Make the Max jail time whatever the penal codes say it is more fair because then their won't be as much priority's and PCD will like always be off. People won't do as many prioritys.
  2. Z .Jones

    Ban combat rolling for LEOs

    I agree, the amount of gear on LEO's you would get stuck and fall on the ground and/or it would hurt.
  3. Z .Jones


    I think that looks really cool but as Ariiles said it could be client side.
  4. Z .Jones

    Firing Modes

    I feel that this could be helpful
  5. Z .Jones

    Signing in and out of cad

    I know sometimes but when we ask over 4 times that's when it get's annoying.
  6. Z .Jones

    Signing in and out of cad

    When there is a dispatch on they mostly say "Dispatch to all units please log into cad" now dispatch get's sick and tired of asking that every second. Like one time me and Robby where on dispatch for almost a whole day and I think we asked about 7 times during that say to get into CAD. I know I...
  7. Z .Jones

    LAPD Port Authority Promo Video

    Damn Ben good job. That looked pretty cool.
  8. Z .Jones

    Military-RP Event (2/17) 1:00 PM EST 6:00 PM GMT

    @WetToast is it ok I join like 2 and a hour hours during it or no?
  9. Z .Jones

    fire investigation division

    I guess it could be apart of RIT not sure though.
  10. Z .Jones

    fire investigation division

    I reckon that would be fun for all of FD. But we already have 3 sub divisions. ICU, RIT and LG, and in ICU a certain training level you can be trained for corner. I would like it to happen but we do already have 3 sub division.
  11. Z .Jones

    In-game Phones

    About in-game phones. I feel that they would bring heaps more roleplay because we wouldn't have to go F1>Online players>To the player you want>And type send message. I feel they would be fun and more realistic. You can text people and it stays. You can ring people there is twooter, dark web and...
  12. Z .Jones

    The Cad

    You meaning like there is a guy named Adam James when I type in Adam it comes up with Adam Jame Adam Henry stuff like that same with number plate??
  13. Z .Jones

    Whitelisted gangs

    In what way would it be bad?