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  1. NakTarIna

    We need spike strips back

    I Cant use both anyway
  2. NakTarIna

    Removing the tire slash script

    Yep, its broken
  3. NakTarIna

    The Cad

    So about what terry said in the last post '' if you'd like to develop a cad yourself it could be considered. '' Why not using pre maid system and customizing it to our server, there a lot of those in the market like the Sonoran CAD or Rocket cad, people just saying whats broke and whats need...
  4. NakTarIna

    Fuck Clark.mp4

  5. NakTarIna

    I'm the real Davis

    I'm the real davis
  6. NakTarIna

    closing and opening doors

    It's already been said,we don't have the type of server to have those stuff /me works you can always report people if they go through locked cells
  7. NakTarIna

    New Interiors For Mirror Park Police Station And Hospital

    So one of the most common AOP on DHS is Mirror Park now this AOP is the only AOP that doesn't have a police station interior and we use this AOP every day and same with the hospital, we have a huge hospital with a parking lot but no interior and that could lead to more passive EMS and ICU RP's...
  8. NakTarIna


    there is no point for cad for dispatch if its broken,before we thinking about new stuff to add we need to think on how to fix it
  9. NakTarIna


    I Done mind really, sadly the cad have a lot of issues so we cant creat calls anyway so I don't see any point in cad for swat since cad don't have much use with dispatch but if it will make other dispatchers game more enjoyable I don't see an issue with it
  10. NakTarIna


    true so maybe use lapd cad? lapd metro s.w.a.t
  11. NakTarIna


    instead they can create a co unit with their swat call sign instead of creating a whole new dept. in the cad
  12. NakTarIna

    Tasers are overpowered, overused, and can Ruin RPs.

    but if there is a good and not broken one,why not to try it
  13. NakTarIna

    Tasers are overpowered, overused, and can Ruin RPs.

    I like the idea but I saw some of those scripts,they broken and annoying because sometimes they come with their own sound which make your game so much annoying especially if you have custom sounds
  14. NakTarIna

    Cruise Control

    Totally agree
  15. NakTarIna


    again what I'm trying to say from the start and everyone ignoring
  16. NakTarIna


    you think it's a good thing say as a staff member or as a person? what do you think about it
  17. NakTarIna


    I'm not gonna bother keeping typing really when you just admitting that you dont care about my opinions
  18. NakTarIna


    you basically saying that Leo's are wrong and your doing your job good always
  19. NakTarIna


    other people have different opinions