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  1. Vix

    Show off your cooking skills! ☆

    Since lockdown currently has been quite hectic for some of the community members on the otherside of the planet, I'm sure many of you guys had to resort to brushing up on your cooking skills and make some delicious tucker! I've also seen some members (Duddy in particular) jumping into a discord...
  2. Vix

    Hello Ben W, and everyone!

    Dearest Ben W, aka Ben Winters + whomsoever this may concern, Hello Ben and my fellow Police Department, Sherriff Office and Highway Patrol colleagues I hope you're all having a splendid evening or day time, whatever it might be in your parts in the world. How are you all doing? Have you had a...
  3. Vix

    Blast in the past! 👮‍♀️

    I found a nice oldie, but a goldie. Here's a throwback to when I was a much lower rank within PD doing the MU test with Walsh.
  4. Vix

    What is your most joyful experience within the community?

    Whether it's in or out of role-play I'd love to hear each and everyone's experience within the community! --------- For me, honestly it has to be the community itself. I'm very thankful for some of the people I've met here through role-playing and the friendships gained from it. ♡
  5. Vix

    ♡ Quick pic before patrolling ♡

    Cheers Berger and R. White for the photo-bomb 😂🤣
  6. Vix

    What is your favourite community moment?

    One of my favourite moments has to be whenever we have movie nights and just spend time together as a group; it's honestly something I love and enjoy a lot. Despite hating horror movies, I could easily sit through them non-stop with you guys <3...