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C. Wilshire

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Jan 7, 2019
So since I have noticed a lot of people requesting the postal code map that we use in game, I thought I'd write a little on how to get it, and how to set it up.
This will allow you to see the postal code map, and be able to zoom in to see the postal codes closer up.

First, go ahead and download the FiveMPostalMap-master.zip that is in the link below


Once you have the file downloaded, drag the file to a popular location, like your desktop, and open it with your favorite .zip file manager. I use the Window's File Explorer, as it works just fine.
Open the FiveMPostalMap-master folder, and inside you will see a folder called "Client Side". Go ahead and ignore the others for now. Open "Client Side" and you should see a "citizen" folder.
Now that you are looking at a citizen folder, open the location of your FiveM Application Data. This is found where ever you installed FiveM. Once you have both open, drag the "citizen" folder from FiveMPostalMap-master/Client Side/master to ../FiveM Application Data

You now have the postal code map installed.

If you have any questions, I will try to answer them my best in the replies below.

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