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John Clark

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Server Owner
Dec 29, 2018
This rule is also only ever really enforced when they are doing it disruptively and usually only when it is interrupting another staff situation.
I'd also like to point out that at this point you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to complain about. In the last 3 months, horn spam has resulted in only 2 official warnings and 1 chat warning. It was made a rule because at 1 point it came to a point where it was being done all the time and a stop had to be made, thats why we have all our rules, something gets so annoying to the point were people complain and it is made into a rule, the problem now is you've run out of things to complain about.
I agree. I'd make the comparison to how laws are enforced. It is illegal in Los Angeles to carry, openly or concealed, any blade (of any length) (including a box cutter) but an officer isn't going to take you to jail for it. I only found two instances of someone actually getting arrested, one was thrown out. If you aren't being annoying, staff don't enforce it. We don't look for people to break rules. We only interfere when it gets reported or if it's actively being disturbing.

I think the line between GTA driving and reckless driving needs to be more clear. 1. Are you driving like an asshole? Yes- Is it for a reason? Chase, RP etc, or just general bad driving then its fine, let the cops handle it. Are you doing barrel rolls and ramming people and crashing into things for no good reason- thats GTA driving. I think any speed youre going, as lo.ng as its not unrealistic 160+ (most car5s cant do that) as long as youre following the rules of the road to an extent (lanes and shit) it should be counted as reckless instead of GAT driving
See the above.

B. F. Tape

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Los Angeles Police Department
Nov 27, 2019
Since that post everyone not scared anymore to say their opinions about server rules
Why would anyone be scared? As jeens stated this is a video game we won't hire a hitman or ban you or shit like voice your opinions, first amendment. That doesn't mean member disrespect or server disrespect but within the normal common sense boundaries feel free